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Lucky appeared behind an outbuilding near the Freehold, one arm around his nephew. "We'll wait for your Da to drop by the house. I'm sure he and your Uncle Sev will meet us at the bar as soon as they finish up with whatever urgent matters came up." He smiled down at Orion as the boy pulled himself away, and started the short walk into town.

When they'd reached the pub, he opened the door, and led the way in, eyeing the crowd. He walked over to the bar, and ordered a pint of the local for both of them, and proceeded to grab a seat, gesturing to the next one over. "Can't let you start with anything other than a pint, now. That would be disrespectful," he said with a tilt of his head.

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Having sent her a note suggesting they meet here, Orion was sitting in the Ravenclaw locker room with a basket full of food, and a couple of blankets. He might not trust his abilities to transfigure furniture comfortably, but he could at least come prepared. He was in different clothing from earlier, other than his father's worn velvet jacket, having used his time to shower.
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A rose by any other name....

Lucky sat around the house they'd leased in Vortex, deep in thought. Cissa would be having the baby soon, and perhaps it was late enough that it would be safe to finally decide on a name. "Cissa?" he called out, trying to figure out which room his wife was in.

Tea, and a sympathetic ear

Tonks looked over the letter she'd recieved from Catherine, and shook her head. Well, whatever was going on, it probably explained some of the changes she'd noticed in Orion this past week. He still mostly kept his distance, but she wasn't truly surprised. After all, she worked for the Ministry, and he'd never known them to be anything but bad.

She stood up, and sent an owl, asking Adela to come by her treehouse for a chat, before putting the kettle on for tea.

Strolling along the way

He was walking around the edges of Hogsmeade village, something of the trapped animal about his demeanor. He hadn't left the grounds, or gone out of bounds in any meaningful way since his fight with Adela.

Even though he'd hardly spoken to her, he was trying to show her that he was trying to listen to what she'd said. Despite their only occasional conversations, he'd gotten into the habit of watching for her at meals. When he noticed she'd missed a meal, he'd taken to sending a parcel of food, primarily fruit, to her by owl. These packages always contained a note, comprised of simply the letter O, to ensure she was aware of where they'd come from. Other than that, he was trying not to make her feel trapped, while feeling like a trapped animal himself.

He kicked at a loose rock on the road, and lit a cigarette. He had a headphone in one ear, not enough to keep him from hearing people approach, but enough to give him something else to focus on. He took a drag, and sighed, his expression rather grim.
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taking out the trash

After he arrived at the Manor, Orion took a long shower, and had the house elves dispose of certain things. Certain he was clean, and everything was taken care of, he prowled his room restlessly, before slipping into the room next door, and finding some of his father's things in the closet. He took a cloak, and the pillows and blankets off of the bed, dragging them through the door back to his own room.

He buried his nose in the cloak for a moment, breathing deep. What he'd done tonight, it had been to keep him safe. To keep them all safe. Dropping the blankets and pillows on the floor, he grabbed the ones on his own bed, and used them to build a nest of sorts in the back of his closet. He added the blankets and pillows from his parents room to the top of the pile, and debated fetching the ones from his Uncle Sev's room, but decided that it might seem an invasion of privacy.

Making sure he had several knives on him, he grabbed smokes, an ashtray, and a bottle of whiskey before crawling into his nest, pulling his father's cloak in with him as a blanket. He lit acigarette, and sat there staring at nothing.
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Lunch in the city (Lucky/Cissa backhistory)

It was a Hogsmeade weekend, and Lucky had persuaded Narcissa to let him apparate her somewhere with him for lunch. He'd chosen a restaurant he was familiar with in Muggle London, for the simple privacy it could afford. He'd brought his robes along, tucking them into a satchel he was carrying before leaving Hogsmeade.