August 28th, 2008


taking out the trash

After he arrived at the Manor, Orion took a long shower, and had the house elves dispose of certain things. Certain he was clean, and everything was taken care of, he prowled his room restlessly, before slipping into the room next door, and finding some of his father's things in the closet. He took a cloak, and the pillows and blankets off of the bed, dragging them through the door back to his own room.

He buried his nose in the cloak for a moment, breathing deep. What he'd done tonight, it had been to keep him safe. To keep them all safe. Dropping the blankets and pillows on the floor, he grabbed the ones on his own bed, and used them to build a nest of sorts in the back of his closet. He added the blankets and pillows from his parents room to the top of the pile, and debated fetching the ones from his Uncle Sev's room, but decided that it might seem an invasion of privacy.

Making sure he had several knives on him, he grabbed smokes, an ashtray, and a bottle of whiskey before crawling into his nest, pulling his father's cloak in with him as a blanket. He lit acigarette, and sat there staring at nothing.